Our key services:


  • Web-based software development and customisation
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system development
  • Learning Management System(LMS) design and development
  • Content Management System(CMS) development
  • Mobile Apps development
  • Social Media Marketing via WeChat and Weibo platform
  • Consulting Services
    • ICT sustainabliltiy consulting
    • Procurement consulting
    • Outsourcing service
    • Web hosting and design


The technology we use

Innotec specialises in Open Source Software developments and enhancements. Open source software allows anyone to create boundless modifications of the software to suit their individual and business needs.


Benefits of Open Source include:

  • Flexibility and freedom through the use of Open Source software to better meet your business or organisational needs
  • Better support and accountability from a community of software developers that create the core software code
  • Quality assurance and testing through Open Source communities who find and fix bugs more quickly than in commercial software
  • Cost effective solutions and fast software roll-out across your business or organisation
  • Software version releases occur more rapidly
  • Ease of translating into other languages


We can customise:


  • SugarCRM: Customer Relationship Management system
  • Joomla: Content Management Websites
  • Moodle: Learning Management System


Our strengths:


  • Application design and development
  • Database design and deployment
  • SQL database development
  • HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Java, PHP