Welcome to innotec!

Innotec IT Consulting is a one-stop IT solution provider located in Hobart, the capital of the ‘Natural State’ and the ‘Island of Inspiration’, Tasmania. We are powered by a group of highly experienced and technology savvy professionals who serve with passion and genuine commitment.



  • Innovative joint partnership between Innotec Consulting and Bento Group officially established, shaping the modern culture of restaurants is our ultimate goal. +more...
  • One more great company powered by Innotec. A tourist-centric information platform of Tasmania is online now +more...
  • Green IT project: Innotec Green IT agenda released.
  • How to make your company more sustainable through Green IT +more...

What we do

  • Specialize in CMS, LMS and CRM system development and enhancement.
  • Provide Social Media Marketing and IT Consulting Services.
  • Deliver eLearning solutions that help improve performance through better learning experience.
  • Create and deliver mobile learning solutions, such as web-based application, iOS & Android Apps etc.


Why us

  • We provide affordable, accessible and one-stop IT solution.
  • Our Services are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of your company.
  • We endeavour to create value for our clients, give back to the community.
  • In terms of Internationalization and Localization, we've been successfully in promoting local business in the Chinese Markets for years.